Robert C. W. Reid

Cincinnati Bagpiper for All Occasions


Wedding (One Location)
Funeral (One Location)
Additional Location for Same Event on Same Day
Bagpiping Instruction

* Rate is subject to surcharge if event is out with normal service area, if piper is required to attend a rehearsal, or if he is needed more than 2 hours.

* Robert can arrange for additional pipers and/or drummers to play your event.


Use of the bagpipes during your event is a personal decision depending on how you feel they would best work for the situation. Below are my suggestions for what has worked well in the past at events. I would be happy to meet with you to play some tunes and discuss how and when the pipes are used during your event.  

Bridle processional, the piper would lead the bride in. tune, Highland Cathedral.
Bride and Groom recessional, the piper would lead the couple out after they had been introduced for the first time.  Tune, Scotland the Brave’
Outside church as guests leave:  the piper would stand out side and play a medley of upbeat tunes as guests leave the church.
At the reception:  Pipe the Bride and Groom into the reception hall and parade around the dance floor.

Birthday Parties:
I have found that keeping the piper as a surprise works very well.  I would enter the party at the noted time and play in stopping in front of the subject, then go into ‘Happy Birthday.  It is good to have a break, then play another set or two of different tunes, there are usually questions that I’m happy to answer and a few requests of tunes.

Play as the casket is carried to the gravesite, tunes:  Danny Boy, Dark Isle,
Play at the end of the service after the final pray, tune:  Amazing Grace.